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character info 
08:36pm 22/08/2010
  Molly Golightly

She's an orphan. Been passed from foster home to foster home. Suffered from physical and verbal abuse and neglect. Was never violated. But as a result, she has serious anger issues. She ran away from the system at 16. She lived on the streets for a while and started doing odd jobs for Thomas Budane. He was a machinist, and when he noticed her potential, she became his apprentice. When she was 19, she was involved in an exlosion changing out power cells in a new engine Thomas was trying to market. She lost her left arm, part of her left torso and the left side of her face was severly damaged.

Budane was not an upstanding citizen, ran a chop shop per se, and Molly learned how to defend herself and shoot a gun real quick. She was also very talented with the cards, so he'd been using her to win big money in poker games.

Afraid he'd lose her as an asset, he commissions some new "parts" for her. She has a cybernetic arm that is very strong, and can be used as a handgun/or semi auto small rapid fire uzi. He reconstruced the left side of her face and her left eye looks human, but it's more like the terminator, it sends her data about her surroundings.

She also has cogs and other workings in her chest cavity from the damage she withstood.

She very much hated Budane and blamed him for her disfigurment and his obsession with using her as his personal bodyguard, merc, and whatever else he wanted her to do.

She wanted out, and she found her chance, one night, with too much liquor in a seedy bar. She got into an argument with Budane, and the brawl gets bad enough that she blows his brains out. She also shot a few of the other players before she bolted.

She is a fugitive, and the idea of flying away on a ship as a mechanic, away from the law is too tempting, so she signs on as G's mechanic.

She's 5'6, medium build with long wavy honey colored hair with deep green eyes. She has a hot temper, a natural ability with machines, but she needs someone else to help her maintain/modify her cybernetics.----think cargo pant, army boot, or cowboyboot, if the mood strikes her, tough as nails chick.

+++++++Ok, that's all i got for now...don't know if that's good or bad.
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my character 
02:35am 20/08/2010
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11:12pm 18/08/2010
  My old live journal community is called forgottenposts.  
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Steampunk inspiration 
03:59pm 15/08/2010
  Guy at the bottom is almost dead on how I picture my character.


Video of a steampunk convention halfway down the page and just below that more inspiration for my mad scientist.

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More stuff 
02:08am 14/08/2010
First pic: Van Steele's Solo
Second pic: Van Steele's Tri-craft with New Empire Liason
 Third pic: Plague-born aristocrat
Fourth pic: New Empire/Old World
Fifth pic: Outlands

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More stuff 
01:46am 14/08/2010

First pic: "Put the woman down Gangrel, and walk away."
Second pic: "The Ghostwrench" rifle.
Third pic: A Senatorial spymachine.
Fourth pic: Changling.
More theme pics, vids, and ideas 
11:07pm 13/08/2010
First pic: Airship mechanics mask for outer space?
Second pic: New Empire Spider's Web interface writer?
Third pic: New London Undercity Scavenger?
Fourth pic: Crew of the infamous airship "King's Court"?
Fifth pic: Gyrocopter pilot?
Sixth pic: Ship mechanic?
Seventh pic: New London?

This is another good video by this Seattle based Steampunk band. I like their sound. Good ambiance for a steampunk supernatural world, me thinks...
This is my concept imagined by someone else, but this is it to perfection 
09:11pm 13/08/2010
This is the look I was thinking about. This trailer is perfect, just add supernatural. However, the guy in the video is a supernatural frankenmonster me thinks.
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More good steampunk music and some picture concepts 
08:04pm 13/08/2010
  Aristocratic adventurer ladyChangling killer black iron nail gun???Clockwork communicator headset (cell phone ala telegraph interface)An airship crew?/Mage/werewolf/mortal/changlings?
Mad scientist mageThese are some picture concepts I have been collecting to show a more vivid image of the world we are creating as well as some music. I have tons of pictures already for visual aids. Let me know if these are cool and if we are all on the same page. The first pic is some aristocratic adventurer girl. The second maybe some sort of changling killing black iron revolver? The next pic could be some sort of clockwork cell phone like a personal telegraph interface device. The picture of the group of people look a lot like a supernatural airship crew and the last really looks like some sort of insane mage.
changeling is dead long live steampunk 
11:04pm 11/08/2010
  ok well I discussed the Victorian steampunk/shadowrun idea with G and J tonight and they both loved it.  Hell they both have characters. so Next week is going to be a character idea/ create the world session next week. 
The rules so far; 

Ascension instead of awakening for the sons of ether weird science.  Paradox works as follows regular rules for coincidental magick and both etherite science and ritualistic magick is treated as coincidence, but quick dirty magick generates paradox normally.

12 vamp clans from old WOD(NO ravnos) But with NWOD rules except for pred taint and generation instead of blood potency.  All the clan disciplines except thaum and vissistude have been reprinted as blood line
reg rules, but no wasteland-disquiet. Probably going to create some form of frenzy rules in their place.

you werent kidnapped you are the child of one of the fae and as you gain power you become more like your fae parent.  

The mask costs a point of glamour a day to activate and can be seen through by anyone with a supernatural template, except when strengthened by spending 2 points instead of one
The summer and spring court combined into seelie ; fall and winter combine into unseelie with the choice of either mantle powers and both sets of season contracts bought as kith contracts.  

Upon reaching wyrd of 5 and 9 the changeling is allowed to choose an additional kith's powers. This stacks with the additional kith merit.

Any Changeling with a mantle over 4 is allowed to use the court leader ability from changeling pg 97.

Use of a persons true name in a comtract acts as a catch for that contract. This is limited negative contracts only.

changelings can sense glamour on a int + wyrd roll.

Clarity 8 or higher changelings recieve not only a +2 bonus on perception rolls, he may roll to pierce other illusions. In the presence of other illusions: obsfucate, prime magic, and others. He rolls comp. + wyrd with the power level of the opposed ability as die penalty and if he recieves more successes than the power he sees through the illusion.

Low clarity drawbacksfor every 2 points below below 7 the changeling recieves a -1 on perception based rolls. If subject to an illusion based power(see above) he recieves a
-2 die penalty to resist these powers for every 2 points below 7. (-2 at 5 -4 at 3 etc.)

No idea right now Probably like vaps with old tribes and new rules

play as usual except you are also one of the undead now ala the crow.  Your geist whispers into your ear and acts more like an incomprehensible shadow from old school wraith.  Your body is on the brink of death still need to eat, sleep and rest, but cannot procreate.
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Steampunk music 
10:56pm 09/08/2010
<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/YPH1OoTobtk&amp;hl=en_US&amp;fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/YPH1OoTobtk&amp;hl=en_US&amp;fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>
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gaming ideas 
12:24am 09/08/2010
  ok guys I know we're never on here anymore, but facebook has a limit and this way I can talk to everybody all at once.  I was thinking that I want to do something diffferent.  I dont want to scrap changeling, but I'm thinking more long term.  I've got some game ideas slash setting hacks that I want to discuss before putting a lot of time or effort into them because nobody but me wants to play  something off the wall.  zack may start running his idea either before or after, but we're both leaning toward something thats gonna take some definite work on the gm's part to pull off.  SO if any of these ideas tickle you gaming bones sound off and if they all sound stupid sound off then as well, but let me know more about what you're looking for in its place.

First whatever we play we're gonna use the wod system so no worries about learning/using a new system.
remember I'm just kinda spitballing here so let me know you favorites so I can start work and then you can make a more informed decision rather than the usual one sentence followed by "trust me"  and then you have no idea what I'm actually going for in the game.

A victorian era steampunk game where magick starts working again sort of a shadowrun meets tales from the bengal lancers meet the new sherlock holmes.

a game set during ww1 or just after, but  drastically sped up technology, but more in a mad science/pulp noir direction.  deathrays on steam tanks and flying fortresses manned by mad scientists bent on world domination.

space game set on the fringe of explored space as you characters aliens and human are on the run from whatevers back there chasing them.  Great way to have characters who dont like each other have to work together. 

An alternate history where the atomic bomb weakened the walls between worlds and things have been coming through ever since and its up to the agency to stop them, but is the agency the good guys(Fringe obviously)

a group of ordinary people end up in an alternate dimension and have to work together to try and get home/survive.  (no idea what genre this would be but leaning towards a complete mish  mosh with multiple worlds linked somehow and characters moving from place to place every week)

post apoc game set in a world where magick comes back or out of hiding after the event.  a variant of this game is world where some mad god(s) and other things have conquered parts of earth and the rest of the world is trying to take up arms agains these new supernatural horrors with the help of the newly rediscovered magick

Just some ideas so we dont always end up playing the same urban fantasy games.

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07:07am 24/04/2010
  Out of the fire...Collapse )  
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02:56am 15/04/2010
  Why not just scrap awakening and play ascension?  questions, comments, and rude gestures welcome  
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04:47am 12/04/2010
A quick showerCollapse )
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10:25am 11/04/2010
  Prelude to a nightmare...Collapse )  
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mage rule change #345 
04:42am 10/04/2010
  Mages no longer have to conform to paths. You pick 2 powerful/1 weak arcana and the rest are inbetween. The realms still exist, can be traveled to, and maybe mages draw their powers from there, but you are no longer shoe horned into the 5 paths. The orders will be enough  
A note on Shielding spells 
03:34pm 07/04/2010
  One of things I never liked about Awakening, the way Shielding spells worked. They kind of gimped some Arcana in favor of others, making it less necessary to learn them.

So, here's my proposal, and since I've got three prospective magi in the game, it is up for discussion.

Let's just go through the Arcana, shall we?

Death......main use would be shielding your self against attacks targeting your soul but could also be used to protect against physical attacks-the bullet disintegrates before hitting you, the guy's momentum is sapped from his arm, etc.

Fate.......keeps others from altering your destiny, discerning your destiny or placing curses on you. Also can be used against physical attacks-you trip just at the right moment, the guy mistimes his punch, etc.

Forces......for physical attacks only. Basically, a force field.

Life........for physical attacks only. Your skin toughens up like armor.

Matter......for physical attacks only. Again, stuff disintegrates or the air itself is your armor.

Mind........used only against mental invasions.

Prime.......used only against magical attacks, so could be interchangeable with other shields. Targeted attacks only, not area based ones.

Space.......used to shield against itself, so others can't scry or use sympathetic magics against you. Also handy for physical attacks.

Spirit......good only for protecting against spirit based attacks, such as numina or the spirits themselves. No good against physical.

Time........protects against temporal scrying, both post and pre. Hesitant to use if for physical.

So, basically, under Armor on your character sheet, you would have three main ratings-Physical, Mental, Magical, with Arcana of choice for the first, Mind for the second and Prime for the last.

So, either argue with me convincingly or spend your Arcana dots wisely.
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Mage stuff 
04:33am 07/04/2010
  Okay, this is what I've got so far...

Jamie...obrimos adamtine arrow=mage skilled with 'elemental' magic as well as counterspelling and dispelling and that belongs to a militant order of mages(dresden, nuff said)

Bo...mastigos mysterium=mage skilled with mental manipulation and spatial command and that belongs to a scholarly order of mages(indiana jones, tomb raider, the librarian--you know, with Noah Wyle?)

Rick...acanthus(?) guardians of the veil(?)=a mage skilled with time and fate magics and that belongs to a sort of secret police order of mages(the agents from the matrix, nick cage from that movie...um...Next, gah--Jason Riles)

Now, Rae has stated she doesn't want to play a mage, which is cool with me, and Christina isn't yet familiar enough with the rules for it, but I have an idea, something that Rick mentioned earlier and that I did a little bit of research on.

The Hunters have a group called the Aegis Kai Doru, who are a group dedicated to hunting down magical relics and artifacts and securing them away so that they can't harm anyone or fall into the wrong hands. The legend of their past ties them into the Atlantis mythos from Mage, meaning they existed before the Fall and in essentially the same role. What I propose, is that we bring back owod consors using these guys, giving them a bit of fluff to keep them from being just some pumped up mortals. Basically, they exist in this day and age as agents that work for both the Mysterium and the Guardians of the Veil, assisting mages in their quests for lost magical lore/the recovery of stolen magical lore. Now, whether or not the AKD from Hunter is another entity and we just make these guys an offshoot that have taken on the role in a less 'hunt down the witches and burn them at the stake' way or just replace the Hunters entirely, up for debate.

But, essentially, I see this group as being made up of tough, battle ready but also smart individuals. They not only have to survive trips into ancient labyrinths full of traps, poisons and long forgotten spirits or monsters, they also have to know where to find these places and how to locate what they're looking for when they get there.

(It reminds me of a character I once played, a certain nephew of a certain Dr. Strom, but I'm digressing there.)

In a nutshell, they have access to relics that aid them in their quests and that act in a similar way to the Big Threes advantages. There are armors, healings, enhancements, etc. Some come with a hefty price, others don't. Some are entrusted to agents a semi-permanent basis while others are kept under tight lock and key and their use is strictly regulated.

Questions? Comments?
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More Mage game stuff, the sequel!!! 
03:56am 05/04/2010
  Ok, first off, two of you have been given the stats I'd like to use for starting characters. What did you think, low or high or just weird?

Second, I need character concepts coming in. I've got some rough ideas, but am looking for something more solid to help me start integrating roles and whatnot into a story. Also, your input on what you'd like to see would be helpful.

Third, do you guys want to start out in the same cabal? My plan is to start all my mages off mentorless, even if they've just had the cords cut, but you'll get a mentor merit for free from me, depending on your character's order and path.

Fourth, if you have a problem with wanting to play a mage, now is the time to let me know so we can get together and figure something out. Ideally, I'd like everyone to play a mage, it's just easier. And a lot more fun if you're all on the 'same side'.

I would have gone into some detail regarding the arcanum, a brief this is how it works for some of you and a notice that magic will be run fairly strictly by the rules for this one. It'll still be fun, but paradox rolls will be made, charts consulted and brandings, bedlams or havocs assigned as needed. But I'm too lazy to look stuff up right now.

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